Shed – November 2013

Pendulum Gallery

885 West Georgia Street, Vancouver

Opening reception: 7-9 pm on Thursday, Nov 14, 2013

Phantoms in the Front Yard figurative collective is proud to present its latest exhibition at the Pendulum Gallery. In addition to its regular members: Michael Abraham, Jeremiah Birnbaum, Paul Morstad, Jonathan Sutton and Jay Senetchko, we also welcome two guest members for the SHED exhibition: Caroline Weaver and Bruce Pashak.

The theme for this exhibition, Shed, takes on several possibilities to its interpretation, including its noun or verb form, along with its historic incarnations as the name of an Egyptian deity and a weaving term. The work will be presented at a time of year when nature itself is falling, surrendering, and retracting, and will find its dwelling in this sense of a darkening. One interpretation of this theme might be letting go to the point of self deprivation, while a lighter aspect may suggest minimalism, and a continual shedding of whatever it is we no longer require.

On a vocationally appropriate level, Shed could be thought of as a monastic simplicity inherent in being still whilst making visual art, and the necessary dismissal of other things in order to maintain that practice. Even in the creation of an individual piece and artist constantly faces re-evaluation and the shedding of preconceptions. The word shed could also denote the actual structure of a simple workplace. Jay Senetchko, for example, will design and incorporate a small building around his visual meditations.

Our theme invites reflection on growth, aging, and proceeding through life in general, as our future becomes our present becoming our past. Jonathan Sutton’s images sense Shed here as an ongoing journey, taking current form as muted lullabies to ghosts in his personal history. All the while, accumulating interpretations and surprises around this single word are at play in the engaging mind of each Phantom Artist for this suite.