Bad People – March 2017

Portraits of the Punishable – Miniatures Vol. 2

at Hot Art Wet City on March 2-17.

Opening: Friday the 3rd.

In our fantasies and our phobias. Onto our streets and into our mirrors. Down our alleys and our angers, under our bridges and our skins. In the prisons we fear and the cells we can’t escape.

Bad people.

Celebrating the final exhibition of Hot Art Wet City, Phantoms In The Front Yard reveal their dirty little pictures.

Come see the worst, the naughtiest, the darkest, the damnedest, the shady, the skittish, the last and the least, yourself. We know you’ll take a thing or two away. With miniature pieces and their miniature prices, it may even be some art.

Phantoms Members:

Michael Abraham, Jeremiah Birnbaum, Andrea Hooge, James Knight, Paul Morstad, Jay Senetchko, Jonathan Sutton and Caroline Weaver. Curated by Pennylane Shen.

Guest Phantoms:

Matt Bowen, David Haughton, Norman Yeung, Sara Khan, Ilya Viryachev, Maria Margaretta and Taizo Yamamoto.

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