Vancouver Mural Festival 2018

During the summer The Phantoms were involved in the Vancouver Mural Festival. Using a number of drawings from the contributing member artists a final composition was composed. The weather was perfect for the two weeks of steady ladder and lift work. All seven artists painted, often from early morning until nightfall, to complete this 24 x 90 foot wall! The mural is at 7th Avenue and Ontario Street.
Phantoms on a large scale!

Sketch for Vancouver Mural Fest 2018


We’re all on Instagram if you’d like to see the talent of this group of artists:
and our curator @dazed.and.confucius
We are @phantomsinthefrontyard


Prepping the wall for the mural on Ontario St Vancouver

Phantoms in the Front yard and their mural

Audience views the mural on Ontario st and 7th ave, Vancouver mural fest 2018

Preview of the mural

team shot of Phantoms Mural

Star eye on the mural

Michael Abraham and the all seeing monk on ontario and 7th

Concept preview for Mural on 7th ave and Ontario

Progress shot of the mural