We Were The Places That We Wanted To Go – October 2019

We Were The Places That We Wanted To Go

at Gallery 110 on October 3rd – November 7th 2019

Opening:  Saturday October 5th 2019 3-8 pm

The Vancouver, BC based figurative arts collective Phantoms in the Front Yard, presents We Were the Places That We Wanted to Go.  Reflecting on the concept of what constitutes legacy, the show explores the theme of passing life’s lessons down from one generation to the next.
Drawing from a range of contexts such as personal narrative, nostalgia, pop culture, and climate change, as well as using the figure as subject, the Phantoms invite the viewer to interpret the relevance, permanence, and affect legacy has on its inherent recipient.

Phantoms Members:

Michael Abraham, Jeremiah Birnbaum, Andrea Hooge, Paul Morstad, Jay Senetchko, Jonathan Sutton

Guest Phantoms:

Marcus Macleod